What WE Do

Your Child Is Unique

S/he deserves an individually curated upbringing designed to unlock all of the purpose, power, and potential that is on the inside. And that is why your child has you...a parent that will do anything to see them succeed.

But let’s be real. The  pandemic has thrusted a lot of us into the drivers seat...and while we wanted to plan the journey, didn’t think we would be driving. If that hands-on engagement with your child's education was precious to you and you don't want to give back to the system, YOU ARE THE REASON WE CREATED WeShchool Academy!

We are a learning support center for families who are looking to embrace a new approach to their child’s educational journey. We offer a flexible schedule learning center for kids ages 5 & up, curriculum resources, parent educator training, and a dynamic community to make sure that your school year is successful (and enjoyable!).

Regardless of your previous experiences, you CAN achieve a successful year of learning and growing with your children. WE can do this…together!

WeSchool Programs

Educational Support

We offer an abundance of  resources for you...from curriculum support, to extracurriculars, and even weekly learning excursions.  We leverage a wide-range of  experience in education from traditional to home-based education to give you a range of support so that you aren’t on your own.

Community & Collaboration 

We are better together! One of the most important factors in your success as a Parent Educator is the access to best-practices coaching on every step of the journey.  We facilitate many opportunities to learn and communicate together as you receive practical resources and solutions to help your family thrive in your educational experience.

Flexible Schedule Learning Center

Choose a drop-off schedule that works best for your family at our Learning Center open daily, Monday- Thursday, 9am-2:30pm. Joining our community means that you’re never alone on your homeschooling journey! We can do this!